Vehicle Diagnostics

If you are unfamiliar with car diagnostics, the following may help you understand it a little more.

In modern vehicles, ECUs (Electronic Control Units) are standard equipment. The ECU is a computer which can monitor parts of the vehicle as well as change settings within the vehicle. ECUs also have the ability to record faults in their memory which can then be retrieved using the correct diagnostic equipment.

The systems that can be diagnosed depend on the equipment used. For example, using a diagnostic platform that is specific to Volkswagen models will not work on a Honda vehicle or vice-versa. This is because each manufacturer deploys a different communication system. The exception to this is OBD2.

Sandhurst Car Servicing has up to date professional diagnostic scanning equipment to identify specific problems in your vehicle quickly and efficiently.

Enabling problems to be located and repaired faster than traditional manual check ups, ensures you can save on additional expense and time without your vehicle!

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